All papers submitted to the editorial office are peer reviewed. The review process is carried out in order to assess the theoretical and methodological level of the paper, its relevance and scientific significance.
The review process involves the following stages:

1) Open peer review is conducted by an expert of a certain scientific area (PhD), as a rule, a scientific supervisor of the author. The signed review should be submitted together with the article to the editorial office by an author himself/herself. Such a review should include information about research results validity, their relevance and novelty, as well as practical utility with the recommendations for publication.

2) Double-blind review is performed by the members of the Editorial Board and independent experts in relevant fields (the reviewer does not know the author of the article and the author does not know the reviewer; their named are not revealed to each other). It also involves two steps: first, the editorial board considers the content of the paper to be sure it fits the scope of the journal; then the paper is sent for consideration to an independent expert (according to the field of study).

According to the double-blind review process, there are three possible variants of a reply to an author:  the article is approved, the article should be corrected by an author, the article cannot be published. The author receives a detailed review of his/her paper with the recommendations for the correction or the reasons why his/her article cannot be published in the journal.