The structure of the article:

1. The following information about the author in English: first and last names of the authors; information about the authors (scientific degree, academic status, position, name of the organization, where the author works: building number, street name, city, country).
2. The title of the article (IN CAPITAL LETTERS).
3. Summary (250-300 words) and keywords (at least 5 words). One should
avoid duplication of the title of the article in the summary.
4. Text of the article with the following components: introduction, research methods, discussion, conclusions (12-15 pages).
5. References.

Text layout:
Paper Format – A4
Page margin – 2x2x3x1,5
Line space – 1,5 cm
Font –Times New Roman
Font size – 14 pt

Nota bene.
One should use the following symbols in the text of the article: quotation marks like “...”, hyphen (-), dash (–),  apostrophe (’).